Beautiful and peaceful.

18 Sep 2021

More three weeks later…

We have fixed Jonny Blessing.

Test ride for JB. Smooth and quiet, it’s a pass.
A good time to wash and check the bike.

We have cut down some of our stuff and also added some things. All very necessary, we are now better prepared for wet and cold weather.

We have packed most of our things and are almost ready again to ride.

Tomorrow morning we will get back into our usual routine of packing all that we have with us into our bags and loading them onto our bike and we will go back to riding our bike. Bicycle touring is what it’s about and we will get back to it.

It took some time but finally our back wheel was sent off to the Rohloff service center near Berkeley, CA and they sent it back after replacing the gear innards. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it but they replaced it and the old one will go back to the manufacturer in Germany where they will take it apart and find out what went wrong with it. No cost to us except for shipping.

Refitting and testing the returned wheel.

We spent our time here with Danny & Elaine doing some bike riding, some gardening, some hiking. We cooked, we ate and we enjoyed the lovely company and friendship here. We have shared stories and experiences, some joyful, some hard and painful, but all shared with love and care.

Apples and honey to celebrate the Jewish New Year
No bikes, a hike to the ocean.
Riding to Patrick’s Point

We were so happy to take their camper van away for a few days. We went to the very special Praire Creek campground. We spent three nights in the area. There are many Redwood trees there and we took a walk through some of the old growth forest. Magical places that seem to have been untouched and unchanged for thousands of years. Besides trees we went searching for Roosevelt Elk and we were excited to find them wandering along and across the highway!

Cozy little camper van can fit 4people with the pop up top.
Polar & Fig found a big bull elk
The elk leave the deep forest in the evening when it is cooler.
Elk have right of way on this road.
Wifey and Polar on a tree. The James’ Irvine trail at Prairie Creek
Old growth forest. Magical.

It has been a very happy and blessed time for us. Truly it feels like home and we are sad to say goodbye. But it is time to continue our journey.

It’s getting late now and we have a busy day tomorrow. Happy, excited and yet sad that we will ride away from here in the morning. Just one more night here in this place they call Shangri-la.

Big Tree. There are many big trees, Amazing.
Lady Bird Grove. Old growth forest, the trees, the life there is amazing there. Majestic, regal and old. Very old and wise it’s a privilege to be able to wander around and just take it all in.
Danny and Elaine. Friends… family. Our angels. With much love and gratitude we thank you for everything you have given and shared with us.
~ a special soul ~

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