A milestone passed.

South side of the Golden Gate Bridge

I wrote this a few days ago on Thur 5 Aug 2021. Due to bad network I have only now been able to post this.

Today we finally left San Francisco and we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge as we head North. It was a hard ride actually. The bridge is not flat. It curves up towards the middle. 

We rode the west side of the bridge which is reserved for cyclists. It is a narrow path and with our loaded bike it’s not so easy to ride it as there are cyclists coming the other way.

For much of the span there is only a short fence between us and the edge of the bridge and the water below. The other side of the path is a metal wire fence that separates us from the lanes of constant traffic roaring by.

Just a small fence and a long drop to the water below.
The Golden Gate Bridge. It is a pretty bridge.

And all the while the wind is beating against us. It’s a cross wind so it takes a lot of effort to keep out of the incoming cyclists way and away from the wire fence.

It was a cold, hard and windy ride to cross the bridge. But I loved it. Finally crossing the bridge. It is such a famous landmark and when I was researching this trip I was excited to find out they we could ride across the bridge as we head north out of San Francisco for the beginning of our journey.

Cold and windy but still time for a smile and a selfie.

For the end of the trip I hope we can cross the bridge again. It feels like an important and meaningful thing to cross the bridge at the start and at the finish of our tour.

It’s an impressive view. I would have liked to spent more time to admire it.

Crossing the bridge today I felt very happy and excited. Such an iconic landmark and we could ride across it. It felt momentous too me. An important step in our journey.

Traffic roaring past and the wind makes for a noisy ride.

Tonight we are camping in a secret quiet spot just north of the bridge.

Tomorrow we will see the bridge for the final time until we return this way again at the end of our adventure.

Goodbye Golden Gate Bridge.

Over the water to the right of the bridge is where we spent the night after crossing over to the north side.

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  1. Andus

    Simeon amazing trip ??Marvellous???? I am admired your effort on making the trip happen?? Enjoy yr adventure?

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